Available from  Amazon.com  and  Material Media

Available from Amazon.com and Material Media

Days of Grace

“This rich, wise, and comforting guide for those living with illness is a handbook of deep knowledge gleaned through lived experience. It is a blend of realism and humility, of questions and mystery – all delivered with Mary’s simple yet elegant style. She unmasks many illusions and reminds us that though our lives are “short and uncertain,” there is unfathomable power each time we realize that we have another day.”

Paula D’Arcy, author of Gift of the Red Bird and Waking Up to This Day:

“Behind this project is Mary Earle, an author who has impressed us with her pioneer work in this field; we included readings from her books in our e-course Practicing Spirituality during Illness. She has suffered for years from chronic pancreatitis and believes a chronic illness can be experienced as a condition filled with grace as well as pain.”